Full Name
Scott Goodson
Job Title
Founder and Chairman
Speaker Bio
Scott is one of the trail-blazers of the innovation, marketing and transformation space leading teams of diverse talents. He started his career devising purpose based strategies for companies and quickly realized that something was missing. As a result he coined the idea of Movement Marketing and brought this modern operating system to the world in his best selling book: “Uprising: How to Build A Brand And Change The World By Sparking Cultural Movements” by McGraw Hill. Scott founded StrawberryFrog in 1999 with a groundbreaking idea for a nimble company challenging the status quo, focused on delivering innovation, and cultural change for organizations as well as modern marketing programs based on the principles of social movements. Through his work on movements, he gained the attention of the business, marketing and advertising communities. Scott has advised some of the world’s most iconic companies such as P&G, Google, Emirates Airline, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, SunTrust Bank, Mercedes, Morgan Stanley, Heineken, Jim Beam and Mahindra
Scott Goodson